Hip-hop legend Ice T started this term on his twitter as a shorthand for the phrase "I'm out, mfs." 

Well, I moved. I peaced out of my home of three years last week, and it's been a really weird process. Living in the same house with mostly the same people has been such a treat, especially with the chronic uncertainty that comes with being in your 20's. 

I kept feeling this mounting dread as the day grew closer to leave the house, Weekend Dads had been my home, and now I was leaving it for something new. It just felt wrong, you know? Our lease was coming up, everyone was splintering off to different parts of the world to go on new adventures outside the confines of our comfy Portland bungalow.  

It's strange to think that it'll be memories only from this point forward. Such a weird thought. 

No more hot nights spent on the porch, curling up on the couch watching movies with everyone, NPR on the big radio in the dining room, walking through the back door when you forget your keys to smell someone cooking something delicious in the kitchen. 

That house was such a wonderful place for me, and I'm sure everyone that lived there. I'll miss it, but I'm excited to start anew at the new place. I've dubbed it Witch House because the interior reminds me of Practical Magic.  

This is my new prettyboy roommie, Ethel. We're hitting it off already. #EthelBird

This is my new prettyboy roommie, Ethel. We're hitting it off already. #EthelBird

My new roommate and my bird already love each other, everything else will happen in time. 

Happy August~!