Flip side.

What does it mean when you say you're going to catch someone on the flip side? "We'll speak again in another circumstance?" "When things are different from this moment, we'll see each other?" "HASTA MAÑANA, MOTHERF*CKERS?"

I've been having a few weeks of flip sides. One week I'm in a new house, one week I'm at a new job, one week I've got to switch pharmacies. One week it's a little difficult to ride my bike again because I can't figure out how to get the hang of it just yet, and one week I made $26 in Powell's money after selling a bunch of books from childhood. One week I had the courage to cut all my hair off. One week, my stuffed cow Schnappsie had a hole in her hoof, one week my dolls finally have a proper space on my shelf next to my large collections of nail polish—most of which I stole from my sister. Then one week, there's suddenly no space to proudly display my Polly Pockets or to come to terms with the fact that my room must secretly belong to a ten year old girl.




One week, I know I'm going to have to put up all of my wall deco, and finally make a decision about where to put my Ella Fitzgerald poster. For now, I'm letting the dust settle a little bit. I want to be on this side, not the flip side. I just want to hang out for three seconds before getting jumbled into another neverending transitional phase. 

Here's what I've been up to lately, a peek inside my chrysalis of change. 

Happy August, try to stay cool~!