In defense of letting go.

I've been a pretty conservative person my entire life. I don't mean that in the "I voted for Dubya both times!" way, I mean it in the "I didn't get properly drunk until I was 20, and I still don't break my high school's dresscode even though I graduated eight years ago" way. 

The last few days my friend's been in town, so I've been having a delightful staycation with her. We've gone out to eat a bunch, done some really fun tourist-y things, and Saturday we decided to go to a concert. 

Action Bronson has some pretty interesting history in Portland, so I knew we had to snag tickets once we found out he was doing a show. 

Then, my friend asked me if we could smoke beforehand. I wanted to show her ALL of what Portland had to offer, and honestly—leaving bud out of that conversation wasn't going to happen. 

We met up with my brother, and smoked. A lot. It was awesome. Then we went to the concert, and had a little to drink on top of that. I danced non stop for an hour, it felt amazing. 

I'm not the type to get crossfaded every weekend and then rave about my party girl lifestyle on the internet the next day. I hadn't had anything to drink in weeks, and with my staycation going on, it seemed like the time to let things go for a minute. It ended up being a great night, because after the concert, my friend and I went to get drunk food at the Hotcake House, and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect way to end her trip. 

Maybe you've been working hard the last few months (like I have!), maybe things are a little stressful for you right now, maybe you need to relax & slow your roll a bit before kicking things into high gear. Whatever the reason, sometimes it's fun to let go. Remember that this isn't advice to smoke weed and get drunk at a rap show per say—but if that's the way you want to do it, we can be twinsies!

Don't fret if your idea of letting go is staying in bed all day and marathoning 3rd Rock from the Sun; or skipping the gym; or investing in a frivolous thing that you don't really need. Sometimes we need to reward ourselves for making it this far in our lives by doing something we'd normally consider stupid. As long as you're staying relatively safe and not putting yourself or others in direct harm, take a moment and indulge every once in awhile. 

Trust me, you deserve it! 

Happy letting go~!



So fucking great, omg.