A few weeks ago, my friend Hannah called me and told me she wanted to shave her head. She asked me if I'd come over and shoot it for her. I was super stoked!

She told me she was sick of her hair, and needed a change. 

Hannah does the most with her hair of anyone I know, so when she said she wanted to be bald for a minute, I wasn't the least bit surprised. 

She told me she'd had the idea, thought about it for a few weeks, then bought clippers so she could pull the trigger. I wish I had that much courage to make such a drastic change! My hair is a constant source of anxiety for me, so outside of coloring it, and having it relayered a few times a year, I'm usually pretty tame with things. Hannah on the other hand, is not the least bit afraid to take risks with her look, and they always pay off. 

I thought about doing a side buzz when I was over at her house, but decided against it at the last minute. I'm not really one to rock any sort of short hair (hello: my face is a perfect circle!) and I knew that once I shaved it, I'd be devastated. 

Why is it that some of us are plagued with indecision? It's not like our hair isn't going to grow back, right? 

There's a big part of me that wants to grow the balls to Bowie and make some ch-ch-ch-ch-changes, but there's another part of me that's like "nothing's wrong now, if it ain't broke, why fix it?" it's hard vacillating between the two sometimes. 

In any case, may you be more like Hannah in your life, readers! I hope your risk taking pays off in a big way! 

Happy shaving~!