The other night I was listening to music in my room, chillin' out. (By chillin' out I mean scouring the internet for the best screencaps from Rocky Horror.) It had gotten to that point in my evening where I sit for a few minutes scrunching up my face, trying to decide whether I want to make art or watch netflix. Netflix usually wins, and it won that night too. 

But the music was good. Like, really good. What's a girl to do, right? I ended up watching an episode of Crossing Jordan subtitled with the sound off. 

This song came up on my playlist:

Not only was I intrigued, I was hooked. I paused CJ to listen to it again.....and again.........and again. The style of the video is perfect—60's TV show band appearance? That amazing dress & wig? I had to fan myself. 

I started to go through my RHPS caps, and landed on this one while I was listening to the B52's crush it for the zillionth time.

  Then I couldn't stop imagining totally rocking out with Janet Weiss. After that, I remembered I had paused Crossing Jordan, so then it was the most epic imaginary dance party with Janet Weiss AND Jordan Cavanaugh. It's official: I'm hopeless. 

With all of that out of the way, I realized I've been listening to A LOT of superb female rockstars lately. Naturally this meant I had to make a mix, right? 

//   give me back my man   - b52′s //   happy house   - siouxsie and the banshees //  hanging on the telephone   - blondie //   cherry bomb   - the runaways //   barracuda   - heart //   kitsch   - poly styrene //   gloria   - patti smith //   here comes the rain again   - eurythmics //   don’t get me wrong    - the pretenders //   dreams   - the cranberries //  rebel girl   - bikini kill //   jumpers   - sleater-kinney // 

// give me back my man - b52′s // happy house - siouxsie and the banshees //hanging on the telephone - blondie // cherry bomb - the runaways // barracuda - heart // kitsch - poly styrene // gloria - patti smith // here comes the rain again - eurythmics // don’t get me wrong  - the pretenders // dreams - the cranberries //rebel girl - bikini kill // jumpers - sleater-kinney // 

Anyway, peace to ya Cindy Wilson — you are rad as hell. 

Happy rocking~!