Heavy sigh, healthy sigh.

Lately life has been insanity. I've been quite busy with work, which I love; and I've been a little stuck creatively—which I don't love. I haven't been feeling well, and I finally figured out that my body has no vitamin D. The last time I was severely low on vitamin D I felt better immediately after I started taking supplements. Here's hoping!

My plan for the evening is to slam at PPS. I have two poems ready to go, and I hope I make it past round one because my round two poem is nuts.

With that said, it's been a sad week. My lovely friend Cassandra died, and I've been really upset about it. I've been trying to think of an idea book post, or something to ~say about it, but I have nothing. She was a truly wonderful person, and the world is less without her in it. It's weird that even if you lose close touch with someone you can still miss them as if the last time you'd seen them was yesterday. Sometimes life is cruel, I suppose.

Lately I've been putting on music before bed again. My anxiety has been flaring up in a major way the last few weeks. I'm thankful that, like always, my meds take off the physical edge; however it's been hard getting to sleep lately.

I threw together a playlist of stuff I've been listening to a lot lately, some of it sleepy, some of it I've been enjoying singing in my car, some of it tending to my hurt heart.

I hope everyone's been having a better week than I have.


Click the image to listen~!

Stay well,