Idea book: besties about your bestie.

Some of you may be spending Valentine's day sulking. I'm spending my VDay working on robot slam poetry, and eating dollar boxes of heart-shaped junior mints. Magenta may be my favorite color, but Valentine's day has always bothered me. Even when I've been in various courtships, I've never been able to get my head around it. Finally I was able to put aside my confusion and find a reason to celebrate, thanks to Amy Poehler. leslie-knope-galentines-day

Honestly though, why do we need a calendar day to celebrate our lady friends?

The other day Hannah and I were texting back and forth about the complete craziness that makes up both of our lives, and I was tickled pink to have a friend like her, she's fabulous!

Your latest idea book prompt is as follows:



Isn't it about time your BFF got a love note?

Think of it like you're singing this to the universe, proclaiming how awesome your bestie is:


Whether you decide to actually *send* the letter to your best friend is completely up to you. Hannah and I basically text each other on the daily about how awesome we think the other is, but you and your BFF may not.

Essentially this idea book prompt is all about expressing gratitude for the awesome people in your life. Let loose: why are you so lucky to have such great friends?

Maybe you make a list of awesome qualities this person has...For Hannah, I'd say stuff like:

  • Super practical about her creativity. (I'm always off in space, so it's nice to have something bringing me back down to earth.)
  • Motivated & driven.
  • Zero tolerance for people's bullshit.

Maybe you make a list, or write longer entries about some silly memories or inside jokes you guys have?

  • No one RANTS like P-Dawg, drills in CAN'TS like P-Dawg....
  • One time Kathryn (my other best friend) and I went to go see Hannah at her SUPER RAD apartment in SF. It was awesome!
  • On my 20th birthday, Hannah, our other friend Caitlin and I went to go see Storm Large do a one woman show at Portland Center Stage. So great!

Or maybe you do something else like draw a picture, make a collage, or compile a playlist of songs that remind you of this person?

What makes you happy to have your bestie in your life?

Happy Galentine's day (or Anna Howard Shaw day)~!



Made a mix the other day because I was daydreaming about lazy summer afternoons. Click the image to give it a listen!