Idea book: good, bad, & ugly.

Since I was 14 or so, I've been doing something in my journal called "the good, the bad, and the ugly." At the end of each year, I make three lists that help me check in with myself over the events of the year. I'm about to work on my lists for this year, so I thought I'd invite you to join along!


What you'll need to do is set aside three pages for yourself: one for good, one for bad, one for ugly.

Some of the things I'll include on my good list this year are: -Jensine coming to visit, and being able to meet Bridget while she was in town. -being financially stable -getting paid to write! -still living in my awesome house, Weekend Dads. -Hannah moving back to town -SEEING TUNE YARDS! -AND CHER AND CYNDI LAUPER!!!!

Think about your year: what are you grateful for? What good things have happened this year? They don't have to be earth shatteringly great, just things that when you think about them your body gets filled with positives.

Some things I'll include on my bad list are: -Tim Hauser and Robin Williams dying -My grandmother passing away as well -everything going on in Ferguson, and beyond. -dealing with insane crisis overload -dealing with depression/anxiety

The ugly list is your wild card. I use mine as a release for all the silly, glib things I want to put in the other lists, but you can certainly use yours for something else. (For example, maybe you had something really bad happen, or you've been sick, maybe something else. The ugly list may be the place to put those things.)

Normal things that I put on my ugly list are: -my grades -my bank account -the floor of my bedroom

This year I may include: -the badditude of the young ladies I nanny for -Rick Perry's continued national relevance -the NYPD

Haven't worked things through all the way yet, just throwing some stuff out there to get you inspired!

Later today, I'll upload last year's lists to the end of this post, and put them in the journal section.

Until then, here's a snippet from 2011's:


Have a wonderful and safe evening everyone, hope it's grand.

Happy new year~! -Mac