Hogwarts Haus

I was reading through Xandra's blog, and I noticed that she put her Hogwarts house in her bio. This isn't a thing that it would have occurred to me to do, even though I think of a Hogwarts house much like I think of an astrology chart. It's handy to help compartmentalize things in your brain! (For the record, I'm a Gemini with my moon in Aquarius, and a Libra ascendant. CAN ANYONE SAY AIR SIGN????) I suppose it makes sense why I write so much then, no? In any case, for a long time I thought my house was Gryffindor, until every quiz I took sorted me in Ravenclaw. I didn't think that would be right because I was a terrible student. It wasn't until I realized I'm just not much for academia, but I LOVE learning things that I realized "oh, ok!" and started to embrace my house. Then I saw this post on tumblr:

Screen shot 2014-12-18 at 6.56.26 AM

I would be livid if I had to answer a riddle every time I wanted to take a nap, or grab something, or after climbing up a shitload of stairs. I also would be livid if Hogwarts didn't have muggle jazz records, but that's another gripe for another day...haha

Learning for learning's sake absolutely suits my purpose. The other day I found myself engrossed in a book of Cecil Beaton's diary entries and portraiture. I studied each page, and speculated what he shot each picture with. (I was right about his medium format camera!) However, if anyone asked me to take a test on Mr. Beaton, I know I'd absolutely flunk it. I don't like being forced to learn, or being forced to spew my retention for...what seems like a lack of bigger purpose. My 13 years of schooling were disastrous. It wasn't until I got to college and was able to throw myself into things I love did I realize that class could be a totally enjoyable experience.

Everything I read about Ravenclaws is about them being consummate scholars, perfectionists, and students with an immaculate grade point average. I am absolutely none of those things. (Aside from having perfectionist tendencies when I'm working on a project I care about.) Does that make me not a true Ravenclaw? What if I am that student who's at the commons entrance every day cursing because I can't think of an answer to that day's riddle? How does one decide whether or not they'd fit into their theoretical Hogwarts house?

I know it's not something I should spend my entire life worrying about, but sometimes it's fun to ponder!

On a completely unrelated note, the last few days before Christmas are here. I made a silly Christmas mix that I put up on 8tracks to top of the season. I like finding holiday tunes that you know, by artists you don't. Or maybe versions you haven't heard before. Here's this year's compilation: short and sweet!


Click the image to listen~

I hope everyone has a good rest of their holiday season.

Happy Christmas~!