Let's get started with: your most effective wish.

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I wish I wish, I wish in vain, I wish I were 16 again... 

The other day I posted about keeping a wish bank.

Today I'm posting about how to make the most of your wishes.

Say you've been saving wishes because you, like me, can never decide what to wish for when you first collect your wish. Maybe something's come up, and the moment's arisen for you to put a wish to use. It may seem silly to think about a wish guide, but I've found that my wishes are quite powerful, and if I'm not specific the adage "Careful what you wish for!" will bite me in the rear.

Here's hoping the same doesn't happen to you!

Here are a few tips to help your wishes get the most mileage:

1. Be as specific as possible. 

I can't stress this one enough. Let's say your wish is to get a boyfriend, and that's all you say: I wish to get a boyfriend. What if the universe answers and your boyfriend is like, shit-stain central? You can't be mad at the universe, because you got your wish. That's why you need to be specific. "I wish for a boyfriend that's nice, has similar interests as me, and is pretty to look at."

2. Timelines are usually bogus. 

Not because they're irrelevant, but because setting a timeline involves having expectations. If you say something like, "I wish for financial stability by next week" and you're bank accounts haven't totally found their groove, you'll be disappointed. The universe may throw you a bone, and you'll find five dollars on the street or something, but it won't be *exactly* what you wished for. Remember: sometimes what you get isn't always an exact representation of your wish.

3. Keep your senses piqued. 

The last time I did a quick spell for a financial even out, I didn't really have high hopes, but the next day I got offered more hours at my job. Not ~a lot more, but enough to show me that the universe had heard what I'd asked for. I was extremely grateful! Maybe your wish is for someone to pay more attention to you. Romantically or otherwise. You may or may not hear directly from this person, but something you see may remind you distinctly of them, or maybe something unexplainable will urge you to get in touch with them. Go with your gut—it may be the universe helping you grant your own wish! Sometimes it gets a little headache-y, but I choose to believe that anything, even if it's slight, having to positively do with my recent wishes is because the universe is listening. (Or because it's what I want in my life, my senses are more attuned to it, even in the smallest of occurrences.)

Currently my wishes are for my allergies to get better, and my mystery paper cuts to heal up. Hopefully that doesn't jinx them from coming true, oops!

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16 again I'll never be, 'til apples grow from a cherry tree. 

Happy productive wishing~!