Let's get started with: your wish bank.

tumblr_ms7b8fYVbs1qh6vq8o1_500 This morning I hit my elbow on the refrigerator trying to sneak Talenti Gelato out of my freezer to eat for breakfast. (Clearly I'm a model citizen.)

My first thought was: Don't touch it, you really need this wish right now! 

(Tangentially, I've recently become aware that it's odd for someone to think in second person, but it's a thing I do.)

In any case, this thought came about because I read in a magazine at some impressionable point in my youth that if you hit your elbow and don't touch it afterwards, you get to make a wish.

As usual, wishing takes me off guard. I never have any idea what to wish for right at the time of wish-making! Let's be clear too, I'm an 11:11, shooting star, first star of your evening's eyesight, not-touching-elbows wish collector. Everything that can potentially garner you a wish, I've probably heard about it and tried it at least once. If I remember it, I'll do it forever.

This...kind of presents a problem if you're also very fickle.

Enter: the wish bank.

I say the same thing when I know I've acquired a wish:

I wish to put this wish in my bank.

That way, when I know what I want to wish for, I have a reserve of wishes already saved up.

 It sounds silly, but it's worked for me since high school. Maybe the universe will perk its ears up for you too?

Another thing I like to do is if I know someone's having a hard time, or I've seen someone go out of their way to accommodate me in a time of need, I like to send them wishes. Something like, "This person should get x number of wishes from my bank." Wishes are very powerful currency, I've found!

I may write another post about effective wishing in the future, but for now maybe try and collect a few to save when you're ready.

Happy wishing~!