Idea book: Ridiculist.

From late 2011, to late 2012, I had a journal called "The Barry Gibb Journal." Barry Gibb 2011

It was one of my favorites, just because the build quality of Leuchtturm has yet to be matched in my eyes.

In any case, I have a shelf full of journals in my bedroom, and I pulled out Barry for a little reading material/nostalgia trip the other day.

I came across the following page:


I remember sitting in Powell's before meeting my dad for dinner, writing down every last thing I could think of, no matter how absurd, that I wanted. I hadn't seen this list in at least a year, maybe two, and looking over it the other day I realized that past me would be totally OK with where I'm at right now. I'm still struggling with a few things on the list, but who isn't? I was really happy to figure out that a lot of the things I'd wanted and thought were "absurd" were actually totally within my grasp, and I had no idea they would be at the time I wrote this list!

Here's your prompt for the time being, take as long as you need to do this one. Maybe it's an ongoing project? Maybe you write a long list in one sitting and put it away for later? Either way you choose is fine. ridic

You need to make a ridiculist.

I called it that at the time so I wouldn't look back on it and be like "OMG, I can't believe I wanted THAT MUCH."

Here's how you should think about your ridiculist: no idea is too absurd, nothing too grand, or too unattainable. Maybe you want to convince Beyoncé to run off into the sunset with you? Put it on your list! Maybe you'd like to win the megamillions jackpot? Put it on your list! Maybe you'd like to plan to write the next great American novel? HELLO: LIST O'CLOCK.

This is why it's a ridiculist. Nothing's out of your reach!

Look back on it in a few years and see what you've been able to accomplish.

You might surprise yourself!

Happy listing~!


Here are a few other pages from my journal that I'd forgotten about~~


I'd just gotten Diane Keaton's book for Christmas, and my love for her exploded onto the page.


And a collage of my favorite singers next to a silly picture I found on tumblr.