Cold snap~

jets_title_500 Do you guys ever have a moment where you're like, "We live in a world where Rita Moreno has her EGOT, GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!1!" I just had one when I was looking for this gif.

In any case, hello. Chances are, wherever you live it's colder than Stalin's nutsack. This afternoon I spent twenty minutes scraping ice off my windshield with scissors because I didn't have an ice scraper in my car. It was only after I left for work that I was like, "Plastic spatula. That's a thing I own that maybe would have been good for this." The more you know~~~

In any case, I'm writing this blog post for one reason, and one reason only: I changed my sheets.

As some of you may remember, my sweet Grandmother passed away this summer. Her daughter (she was my great grandma) has been trying to clear a lot of her mother's excess things out of their house, and I acquired all of Grandma 2's bed accoutrements. For someone who is 103, there are many of them.

Yesterday, deciding I'd had enough of this cold weather, I plugged in my heat lamp and put my Grandma's things on my bed.

I now have: a down mattress cover, a foamy pad, and new clean sheets that didn't actually belong to her.

My room is FREEZING when the weather starts to get cold. The house is poorly insulated, and I remember more than once sleeping in multiple pairs of PJ pants, thick socks, long sleeves, and sweatshirts last winter. Mercy it was cold! Not this year, I say.

In any case, my friend B is doing "Thankful Thursdays" on her blog this month, and I had to step in and sing the praises of my toasty warm bedroom. Right now I"m only wearing boxers and a t-shirt. How the tides have turned!

Also, earlier today, my house was a barrage of deliciousness. My bartender housemate made everyone Hot Toddys, and my other super talented baker housemate made everyone homemade pizza after another girl offered some of her left over homemade borscht from yesterday's dinner.

It is absolutely splendid at my house right now!

Happy late fall, try and keep warm: body & soul~!



If you get sad, remember Rita Moreno still has her EGOT.


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