Scary feet!

Two posts ago was a fear post. Tis the season, because here's another! I have a lot of weird phobias. One of them is glue, which I've discussed before. Another one is w*terbugs (lest google think this is a thing I want to see in my life: GROSS) and another one is—WAS Chucky. (This morphed into an entirely different fear called Automatonaphobia.)


As you're well aware, the other night was Halloween. I decided I wanted to do something that had the potential to really scare the pants off of me, so I put on Child's Play. In the last couple of years, I've become somewhat of a horror junkie. I used to be afraid of everything, then I watched the Exorcist with the lights off in an empty basement and was enthralled more than terrified. I figured if it was widely considered the scariest movie ever and I'd watched it brimming with excitement, then everything else was going to be cake. I was wrong. (Looking at you, Halloween.)  I've become more able to appreciate the ins and outs of horror structure, and I've found that my favorite films are highly stylized. (Suspiria, Carrie).

I went into Child's Play expecting to love it, and I...didn't.  There were a few parts where I jumped (notably when Andy's mother threatens to throw him into the fire and he goes apeshit on her) but for the most part, the entire movie felt really trite to me. I was really infuriated that such a mediocre movie had ruined the majority of my childhood! When I was growing up, the idea that things could come to life wasn't foreign to me. It wasn't until I became familiar with the plot of this movie that it occurred to me that those things could come to life to do TERRIBLE SHIT. Commence many years of nightmares purely spurred by my own imagination. Life is crazy sometimes, right?

With all of that said, I have yet to report my American Girl Doll coming to life and slaughtering everyone in my immediate vicinity for no reason because...voodoo.


Thanks Bae!

My Magic Attic doll on the other hand...

magic attic alison (11)

The thing I've come to learn from this whole experience is something that keeps proving itself to me over and over: everything I make up in my brain is always at least twenty times scarier than what's going on in actuality.

Hopefully you were able to conquer a fear as well this Halloween!

Happy November~!