Tried, true, afraid of glue.


Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love Mod Podge.

First of all, welcome to the mess that is my floor. I decided to binge clean my wallet and rearrange a bunch of things due to not having a three prong plug converter in our common area. (My DVD shelves were on a desk chair, and my night table was filled with coffee mugs. It's a long story...)

Anyway, after becoming a woman possessed...or rather, a woman who was DETERMINED to listen to a shitload of Cocteau Twins while her laptop charged in a desk like setting but instead decided to watch Re-Animator, I had to keep moving. I'd already found a new space for my mugs and my DVDs, (they now live on top of my shoe shelf) cleaned out my purse, AND wallet, as well as gone through the miscellany that littered the rest of my floor. What to do next?

Enter Merrill Garbus. TuneYards_2-1560x878

The Willamette Week had run this picture in its issue about MusicfestNW and I had to save it. I knew it was going to get in my journal sooner or later, because I can't stop listening to Nikki Nack.

I located my good scissors (they were hiding under my halloween costume and part of my silkscreen portfolio from college) and got to work. I had decided I was going to suck it up and *gasp* go for the Mod Podge.

If you don't remember, I am a woman who is not fond of glue. If you break it down in Latin, what I have is something like glutodeficiophobia. What that means in...not latin is that I will have a lot of panic/anxiety if glue doesn't do its job. (IE stick things together.) I will no doubt be in tears if a corner turns up after being "glued down", and probably be contemplating lighting the entire project on fire.

I put on a campy horror film, grabbed my dollar store brushes, took a deep breath, and put on my big girl panties.

Surprisingly, I didn't have a complete meltdown, which is a lot of progress! I thought I was going to be in a ball of tears while Dr. Carl Hill got decapitated with a shovel.


Seriously though, Re-Animator was awesome. 

After everything stuck like it was supposed to (shout out to my lino press which solved this problem!) I went a little nuts. Dr. Carl Hill was conducting a symphony of undead to defeat his genius med student, and I had discovered that in addition to paper mod podge, my housemate had also left some glitter seal. GLITTER SEAL.

Like Herbert West had no choice but to defeat his insane superior, I had no choice but to cover Merrill's face in glitter glue. It was a decision I totally do not regret.

In the end, we both defeated our antagonists in a story fit for 1980's camp! Can you imagine my glue-phobe montage? It would probably be set to something beyond cheesy but totally apropos like Coo Coo U.

In other, unrelated news: I, in a fit of malaise have decided to switch my theme again. I'm trying to make a more cohesive website that has a portfolio for all of my art, as well as a blog for all of my...literary masturbation. I'm still working the kinks out, but already I like that I can have my default font set to Verdana. Score one for the home team who needs everything to look like livejournal! (It's true, I freely admit to this blog geekery.)

Unfortunately, it's o'dark-thirty and I need to think about getting some sleep. Hopefully this new theme will be able to compartmentalize my web presence. Fingers crossed!

Happy crafting~!