Idea book: Oscar Wieners.

Almost a year ago, when I was still doing WWPs instead of idea book prompts, I did a writing prompt that was almost identical to this. Laziness isn't really why I'm reusing it either, I've just had a lot on my mind lately with regards to this prompt. I've been looking over the few posts in my personal journals that inspired it, and I still want to do it! (Maybe not the exact same movie I wanted to imagine a year ago, but dreaming up ideal movies.) What can I say, it's a fun hobby! rw1

One Hour Photo is an underrated Robin Williams movie. This is definitely the creepiest part! 

What this prompt is, essentially, is:

Your ideal movie.

  1. What would it be about?
  2. Who would star in it?
  3. Where would you want to shoot it?

Because we're working with idealism here, there ARE NO LIMITS.


Is Rita Hayworth perfect for your lead? FOR GOLLSAKES CAST HER! 

Do you want a movie that stars Clara Bow & Johnny Depp as misfit Private Detectives in space?

What about Zac Efron and Steve McQueen as repressed gay lovers forced into an aversion program in the early 80's?

My suggestion for this challenge is to get your collaging skills ready. (You don't, however, have to title your page "Oscar Wieners".)

Give your imagination a flex, and think about your ideal movie.

Who knows, maybe it will be an Oscar Wiener ; )

Happy writing/collaging/thinking~!