Idea book: Midnight at the Oasis

Last week was a doozy, hence the delay on this post. My great grandmother passed away, which was quite sad for our family. She really was the glue, and we're going to have to do so much more work to stay together now that she's no longer with us. That, along with the death of the infinitely talented Robin Williams, made last week undeniably difficult. (Robin's death hit me really hard, as he was one of my FAVORITE actors growing up.) I'll save everyone a tribute post. Suffice it to say he, along with Lucille Ball were my childhood green lights to be zany. Like, if adults could be that wacky and eccentric, then maybe I could too. It's sad to know that he'll only posthumously be able to grant people that knowledge. I've been reading stories about him (in a weird uncontrollable urge due to mournography) and they've just been absolutely warming my heart. Most of us were only treated to the tip of the iceberg of his unending generosity. He sounds like a truly lovely person. rg

Rest in peace, to my sweet Grandma, and Robin Williams two undeniably lovely humans who the world is less without.

This week's idea book challenge is in response to a question that gets asked in tumblr surveys, job interviews, by new friends, old friends, family, and other well meaning people you meet. It's one I never know how to answer in the way it's directed at me, so I'm going to frame the question as if my answer would be sufficient.

Where do you want to be?

Most times this question gets asked with the hope that the answering person will say something career or geography based. I never know what to say about that! It's always frightfully confusing, because I'm so fickle. It's like, "ok, ask me this question again in five minutes and see if I have the same answer."

Your idea book prompt for this week is to design an oasis for yourself.

178095_1_f copy

Yes, duh this prompt is totally based on that Maria Muldaur song. Click the image to listen to it!

Ok, yeah, I get it- Maria Muldaur is singing about the desert. Technically, an oasis is a spot in the desert where water is found, so it's not like she's leading us astray in that respect. Let's look at oasis as metaphor for our purposes. Forgive me for insinuating, (or just generally being a depresso) but let's look at our lives like the desert, and our oasis as the space in the middle of the desert that isn't as...crappy.

We can't all be camels, is what I'm saying.

Every time someone asks me what I want out of life, or where I want to be, I always give them the same answer. In over ten years, it hasn't changed:


My interiors board on pinterest is packed to the brim with overflowing bookshelves. That's all the consistency I could manage. Not that it's the only thing I want, in the years since I've dreamt up this response, I've decided that I'd also quite like industrial windows, hardwoods, a nice stereo for jazz records, a place to write, dance, make art, and maybe a white wall for photographing people. (The rest of the walls would be cluttered with inspiration, as my bedroom walls are presently.)

I define my oasis as a workspace. For you, it may be a kitchen, a closet, a bedroom, maybe an entire home, whatever you choose! Remember, it is your calming spot in the desert. However you choose to illustrate this space is totally fine. Perhaps it's time to cut up some old magazines in your house? Get out your graphite pencils? Make a list?

Are there any ways you can change up your current space to reflect some of the things in your ideal space?


I'm going to de-clutter my current bookshelves this week, I think.

Happy daydreaming~!