Idea Book: Design A Superhero.

Julia and I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy last week, and it was so much fun! I'll save my usual screenwriting diatribe on this one, because the movie was honestly just a kick in the pants. When I was making a list of possible Idea Book posts, I put down this week's, and then figured since GotG was so fun, I'd use it. Your prompt this week is to design your own superhero!

guardians-galaxy-movie-preview copy

I couldn't get over how much Chris Pratt reminded me of my neighbor growing up. 


So, there are a few ways you can look at this prompt: is your superhero someone who exists in our reality doing super-business, or is there a world built around them and their super-business?

I haven't really spent a long time trying to finish this prompt on my own, what I decided was that I would like to be this person's sidekick. Their main super power would be eliminating bullshit, and it would be my job to sniff out the bullshit for them.

Other things to consider: what are the powers of your superhero? Do they have a tragic backstory? If so, how does it affect their ability to fight crime? (Or vanquish bullshit?) What do they look like? Do they have a boatload of Inspector Gadget odds and ends, or are they more of a Superman type? What are their weaknesses?

Actually, maybe my superhero would be called Coffee Man and his power would be making sure all the tired people had coffee. His arch nemesis would be Decaf Man, and they would know have epic battles and stuff.

Happy designing~!