Idea Book: To done list.

Hello everyone, first of all, bunny bunny! I tried to have this post ready Thursday, but as usual, life got in the way. brazil_4

Of course by "life" I mean my housemates and I had to watch Brazil, which FYI is a F#%^ED UP little movie. 

I came up with today's prompt earlier this week, and was really excited to share it. I wanted to actually ~do the prompt, instead of using other things I'd done in the past to illustrate what the prompt is.

I holed up at Palio for the evening.


Let's be real: Humblebrags are utterly ridiculous. That's why this prompt isn't about humblebragging, just straight up bragging.

Everyone's got to-do lists, mine are miles long. (Movies I should see, things I should be doing instead of watching the movies I should see, reminders to complete basic human hygienics...)

A lot of us build our lives around to-do lists, but how often do we get to make to-done lists?

That's your prompt this week! No matter how big or how small the accomplishment, if it means something to you, you should put it on your to done list. My suggestion would be to keep this list to yourself, so you can look at it when you're feeling bummed. I know I'll be looking at mine a lot in the coming weeks, life has been/continues to be really stressful.

 Have you gone to a really awesome place? Have you been in a really awesome relaysh? Did you get to meet anyone famous? Did you finally get to organizing your pantry? How about cleaning your bedroom? (I certainly haven't done that in a while...gulp.) Did you or someone special recently celebrate a big birthday? Attend a party? A wedding? Basically a to done list is a compilation of things you've done/accomplished that make you feel really good inside.

Sometimes it's hard to come up with a list, I spent about three hours on mine. Here's how it turned out:


Unfortunately my scanner isn't too kind to gouache. 

While I was compiling my list, I struck up a conversation with the fellow next to me at Palio. He was wondering how long I'd been working with watercolor (I keep the gouache in my mixing plate) and then was shocked to hear that gouache was probably my favorite medium! It was quite silly, but a really welcome interaction. We talked about our experiences at art school halloween parties, and then he went on his merry way.

Art on the go can introduce you to some really interesting folks!

In any case, where you choose to make your to done list (as well as the list itself) is entirely up to you. Do you want to be near some scrabooking business in case you find other bits of media you'd like to include? Would you like to be outside in your yard away from distraction?  Or perhaps like me, in a dessert café? Wherever you choose, make sure it's a space you feel comfortable enough to include -everything- that you feel belongs on your list. You've earned some bragging, am I right?

Happy listing~!