Mix Wednesday: Sleepy Summer Jams edition.

I had this ready on Monday, but didn't want to add it as a post script to my Screenwriting guide. A few weeks ago, I downloaded this rad album by Dirty Art Club called Vermilion, and I. AM. OBSESSED.


Click the image to get to their bandcamp!

It's been the perfect mid summer sleepy album for me. I've kept it on repeat while I've been painting, or writing, or doing anything because it's so chill.

The other album I had to get my hands on was MeLo-X's GOD: Piéce de Résitance. It's been a nice companion pick-me-up. I've had both on consistently the last few weeks.

I decided to theme a mix around other sleepy summer tracks. The kind you want to have on in the background while you're out sunning yourself on the beach.


Click image to listen~

I cannot recommend Dirty Art Club enough, their sound is ON POINT.

I hope everyone's having a lovely summer~~~

Happy sunning~!