Idea Book: My Best Friend.

Did everyone get their idea books situated last week? Hannah and I picked up hers yesterday at I've Been Framed and had a picnic/Arty at Reed College yesterday evening. tumblr_n8vtp8bDJW1qenxtio1_1280 copy

She let me steal a few drops of Gouache!

I also forced her to get a sign pen with a brush tip, because I'm obsessed with them. We had fun playing around with our new art supplies (I got a new brush) and then Bridget met up with us later to help finish off the beer and picnic food. It was QUITE tasty.

This week, your idea book prompt is the first college screenwriting assignment I had when I went to SVA.


My two besties Hannah & Kathryn. 

I sat in a warm classroom, surrounded by a circle of fresh-faced film students. Everett Aison at the helm, looking like the delightful old man we'd come to know soon enough; and looking at us like the ignorant assholes we were.

"Next week," he says, "bring in a portrait of your best friend."

How were we supposed to interpret this? He didn't give us any instruction other than it needed to be a written portrait. I sat with my multicolored no-lines journal, thinking about my best friend Kathryn, whom I'd left across the country to pursue my studies.

It started like this:

Fade into a bed stage right, hoisted up above a desk cluttered with papers and self made gizmos. There is a long piece of wood coming down at the end of the bed, with blocks nailed to it for a ladder; and a cluster of papier-mâché  planets are at the bottom.  Enter KATHRYN. A tall, skinny, kinky-haired brunette, who's about 18. 

My classmates seemed to enjoy the rest of the piece, which involved Kathryn climbing up into her bed, and drawing characters in her sketchbook that would then appear on stage as she was doodling them.

Everett didn't seem amused, but I knew it captured her. Or rather, captured the way I thought about her.

I passed.

Hannah is my other best friend. I have many portraits of her, because we do photo shoots together a lot!


She came to visit me in New York, and we spent the day in Coney Island.

I also have painted her a few times, notably when I was messing around with some new watercolor paper.

Scan 6

Upon seeing this, Kathryn offered me some helpful critiques. 

My best friends are AWESOME. I'm sure yours are too!

Your prompt this week is to make a portrait of your bestie(s). There are no rules as to HOW you should do this; what ever you feel best represents your friend is the right way to do it.

Writing, drawing, photographs, lists, whatever suits your fancy.

Happy idea-ing!