Let's get started with: your idea book.

I've been tooling around with this idea for some time, and I'm happy I've finally gotten everything together to start it properly! crop copy


What is an idea book? You might be asking. For me, my idea book is a place to store ideas. (Shocking, I know.) Sometimes I use my idea book for a sketchbook, a place to take notes for class, somewhere to outline stories & characters, to-do lists, things to remember for later, or a space for my awful poetry.

During last month's blogcadette chat, Hannah encouraged me to do a 'how-to' on keeping an art journal. I thought it was a super idea, so I'm here to throw out some ideas to help you make a fabulous idea book of your own!

crop2 copy



Before we get started, know that the ONLY rule/thing that's essential when keeping any sort of journal/idea book is that


That's it. That's all. There are no other rules. You can make up rules for yourself if you want (one of my rules is that I hate blue ball point ink, so I never use it) but these are FAR from mandatory.

So, essentially (pardon the shouting) NO RULES DO WHATEVER YOU WANT.

Here's a list of things you may want to acquire to start your idea book:

  • A blank journal/sketchbook. My personal faves are Leuchtturm and Visual Journal, but any blank book will do. My recommendation for our purposes is to find a book that isn't lined. Graphs, dots, or half-lined are fine. Sometimes lines feel a little constraining to me, but if you feel best with a lined book go for it.
  • Or, you can have a tumblr/wordpress/some other blogsite dedicated to completing the prompts too, this doesn't just have to be about pen&paper art.
  • A rando assortment of pens, pencils, and other art supplies. Nothing has to be fancy, you can look at my 'art on the go' post if you're a little stuck as to what you want in your art kit. I have a bag full of pens that I carry around everywhere, but all you'll need is whatever you want to use to do prompts / whateverthehellyoufeellikedoing.
  • Fixens. These are optional, for sure. Fixens are the things that just accumulate with your journals. Things you've been meaning to glue/tape down, pictures you just have on you. Here are a few of mine, I keep them in an envelope from my friend Julie.

photo (8)

The only real thing you'll need to start your idea book is a good attitude. I know comparisons can be difficult, but this book isn't about anybody else but YOU. Draw inspiration from others, certainly; but don't get down on yourself when you aren't exactly like them.

From now on, I'm going to try and post weekly prompts for your idea books. I'm going to try and keep them open ended, so they can be written, drawn, collaged, or however you feel like interpreting them.

Here's your first prompt:

photo edit


Ok, you all have fixens, right? Things you've essentially been meaning to scrapbook? Your job now is to get to it and scrapbook them!

If you don't have a proper smattering of fixens, chances are you have some pictures saved from the internet that you could turn into fixens. Whether they're pictures of hot babes, silly things you've found on the internet, snaps of you & your pals, or inspiring quotes/images, know that ANYTHING is fit for a fixen!

My suggestion would be to do something like this:

Screen shot 2014-07-10 at 7.32.34 PM

i.e. make a new desktop folder and put pictures in it that you want to use. 

Once you have a collection of images that make your face do a this, you're set.


Print your images, and get that tape/glue out!

Here's a fixens collage I made on my current journal, Po' Boy.

Click through for full size. 

I hope you have a great adventure making your idea books!

Happy idea-ing~!



Here are a few pictures from some of my previous idea books. It should come as no surprise to you that I have Attention Deficit Disorder...hahaha.

idb4 idb5 idb6 joey mblpurple Scan 6 sketch1 sketch2

for jensine