Take care of business.

This past Sunday, the lovely Xandra of Fashionably Light organized a blogcademy grad google hangout that concentrated on featured content and column ideas. It was so awesome. (& much needed for me!) Lately my blog has been taking a back seat to other life issues (finding a new job, reorganizing my house) I've been sick & in flux the last few weeks. It also doesn't help that Mercury is in retrograde until the 2nd of July. (Yuck!) I almost didn't even make it to the blogcadette chat because I was presently located in the woods. My dad asked me to help move all of his furniture up to his cabin. Unfortunately I wasn't feeling well enough to draft a post about it, and essentially just napped after we were done. With all of that said, at the end of each chat, Xandra has us set accountability goals for the following month. I figured it was the perfect opportunity to take care of some business. Before I accidentally deleted my website, I was committed to doing at least two featured posts a week. I'd been going strong with a Mix Monday and a Weekend Writing Prompt pretty steadily for about six months. After the great "I'm an idiot" incident of 2013, I sort of lost steam. This weekend we talked about pacing ourselves, how to be concise & effective with our content; and how each column fit into our blog's thesis.

With that said, I'm going to try and get back into doing Mix Mondays, but pare it down to a monthly mix of things I've been listening to as opposed to themed mixes. (I also might throw a themed mix in here and there, so watch for them!) My lovely friend Hannah also suggested I do art journal prompts, so I'm thinking of doing alternating weeks of weekend WRITING prompts, and weekend ART prompts. (Xandra also said she was interested in linking to this post about getting started with journalling! I need to scan some pages from my latest journal to add to the pages from Derple so people can see what I've been up to the last few journalling months.)

Aside from getting my editorial calendar situated, my plan is get my portfolio up to snuff, and finish the blogtionary page that's linked above. Unfortunately, my life is headache central (literally AND figuratively, ughhhhh) hopefully I can power through and get everything together.

Happy productive energy~!