Cute is....not exactly what we aim for.

The other day I was at my weekly dance class. I've been going for years, (as most of us in class have) and our teacher was having us do across the floor work. I've been taking tap off and on for a decade, and I'm by no means a prodigy. I won't go so far as to say I suck at it, but it's not something I'm particularly good at. We were doing prep work for single pullbacks, which look like this:

Pullbacks kill my shins quick, and the prep work we were doing was more difficult than the actual step. Trying to keep it together was a little much. I let my mouth slip.


My teacher looked me in the eye and said something strange:

"You're adorable."

I'm...what? Extremely frustrated maybe, but adorable? Sure....?

I get called cute (or derivations thereof) a lot. It's irritating. Is it my petite stature? The fact that I seriously use words like "petite stature" in a sentence and expect to get taken seriously? Own a t-shirt that says 'Polka Party'? Loudly curse dig-spanks in my tap class?

I have to admit, sometimes it's fun to let people *think* that I'm nothing more than my presumed cuteness and then completely surprise them know, human depth.

Cute is a strange pejorative. It's weird to think about adjectives in general, actually.

You start thinking to yourself, "Ok so I'm cute, but is that ALL I am?"

You knowing in your heart that you are more than some person's presumptuously imposed  throwaway adjective is important. Though, admittedly it is hard to get into the brain space where you don't feel the need to prove that you are more than one adjective to everyone who has a thing to say about you.

"I got my bachelor's in 4 years at a prestigious art institution and worked on the longest running children's television show in the history of the medium! I am a contracted writer who can write coffee off on her taxes! I'm working for you quid pro quo using my expertise in digital video to craft you a product you can be proud of, and helping you build a solid digital presence! I AM MORE THAN CUTE!"

Though, in her defense, I'm currently sitting in a coffee shop with my guitar Howdy, in a Star Trek t-shirt listening to the Bee there's that.


Happy being a list of adjectives~!