Stuff & nonsense.

Lately I've been hung up in "shoulds". Trying to figure out what I -should- be doing, or what this blog -should- look like. It's driving me up the wall. I got a lot of really helpful feedback when I went to blogcademy last year, but I think I need to just put some of their awesome ideas to rest for a little while. I've been doing a lot of contemplative blogging at my baby-wordpress, which I really want to start doing here. My long-term online goal is to shrinkify my presence, and minimize my blogging to here, and my regular tumblr. Tumblin' can be reserved for hot babes, and bullsh*t-- but here I think should be the words part.

Thus, a new category, "stuff & nonsense" (a la Mr. Salt from Willy Wonka). The catchall for me just rambling about this or that. Hopefully I can eventually grow this blog into a minor readership. I'm not looking to be "famous" or anything ridiculous like that-- just to be surrounded by likeminded individuals. (And delicious coffee!)

Unfortunately, I don't have much else to say about anything today. Yesterday I went out and hammered out a new outline for the script I'm working on with Lucas. By the time I got home I was falling over tired, but it was too good to be true because I'd had too much caffeine to go to sleep and rolled around in bed for at least two hours. It was well worth the headache, because getting that outline done is a huge weight off my shoulders!

Anyway.... happy stuff & nonsense~!