Mix monday: 11/11

I've totally fallen off the planet lately. Right now I'm supposed to be watching a bunch of movies before my business meeting tomorrow. HA. HAHAHA. Clearly that's happening, right? In any case, fellow internet badass Amanda recently did this meme, and I wanted to do it as well. I figured since it was time for a MM anyway, I'd use that as an excuse. I COULD HAVE MADE AN ENTIRE MIX ABOUT WISHES (which I contemplated for a hot second) BUT I DIDN'T. SO. MAKE A WISH FOR SOMETHING ELSE, I GUESS.

In any case, I bring you: FANMIX YOURSELF. Amanda had a friggin' awesome title for hers, I don't know what I should call mine. Probably something like "Finding a song that reminds me of Christine Cagney took me much longer than it should have." (The one I settled on has a funny/weird story behind it too.)




Click the image to listen~

Here are the meme questions if you'd like to do one yourself:

1.) a song you’d kick zombie ass to during the apocalypse: I chose Manhattan Skyline because the thought of annihilating zombies to tacky disco sounds AMAZING.

2.) a song you’ve heard live: I saw WHY? with my friend Fif and her boyfriend. They were mind blowing.

3.) a song that reminds you of your favorite fictional character: Ok, before you laugh at me when I say my favorite fictional character is Christine Cagney and that I chose Bizness to represent her, hear me out: I was thinking about choreographing a dance where it depicted the idea of love being an "I've got your back" scenario as opposed to "I want to touch your private holes" thing. C&L have the most believable professional and personal relationship in all of television. NOW you can laugh because I wanted to make a modern dance about it.

4.) a song that was your high school anthem: Opera Singer! No questions asked. I loved Cake so much  in HS.

5.) a song that reminds you of your best friend: This one's silly, actually. Fif used to think they were singing "Bat Boyyyyyy..."

6.) a song that would play in the movie trailer of your life: Ladyflash is everything I love about music, and the Go! Team is so infectiously joyous that I would love to have this play.

7.) a song that reminds you of somewhere: My dad used to keep this album up at his cabin, so I every time I hear this, I think of being up there.

8.) a favorite song from last year: Die Antwoord rocked my 2012 like no one's business.

9.) a song with a color in the title: UGH. THIS SONG SLAYS ME. Jaffa is really great with relaxing beats, and Nina's voice is heaven on earth.

10.) a song that would be your own country’s national anthem: I live by this song. I should specify that I live by the chorus, but I love the SHIT out of this song. It's very applicable to my daily doings.

11.) a song by an artist you’re not-so-secretly crushing on: Carmen McRae is a woefully under-appreciated jazz songstress. I'm about to bastardize a Miles Davis quote, but I think he sums it up pretty well. Everyone always talks about Ella & Lady Day, "What the fuck is Carmen?" He says. I'll tell you, she's a goddamned GENIUS. Her music slays me, her voice is inSANE, and please, for the love of all things holy, don't get me started on her phrasing. This song is a delight. It was very hard to choose just one, I have a HUGE art boner for her.

12.) a song that reminds you of your favorite season: I like when the sun's out, and this song always makes me feel all sunshiny.

13.) a song you play when you need to go on a crying jag: Blue in Green. Holy crap. Feels express, party of one.

14.) a song you’d like to kiss to: Before you laugh at me again, Vince Guaraldi really sets me at peace during the holidays. I'd love to find someone who felt the same and moosh faces with them.

15.) a song with lyrics you’d like to tattoo on yourself: Sing Joy Spring is probably my favorite song of all time. I don't have any particular lyrics that I'd want, but I've definitely considered a shoulder piece that just says "Sing Joy Spring" in big letters. I doubt I'd ever go through with it though... haha

I hope everyone's week goes swimmingly, I'll be mighty busy (as usual...LOL).

Happy listening~!


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