Weekend writing prompt: 10/25

Yo- how's everyone's week been? Lovely? Shitty? Somewhere in between? I've been holing up at Bipartisan Cafe the last few days trying to meet my script deadline.


 40 more pages to go! 

It's been a hectic last two weeks on planet Mac, that's for sure. In addition to work goings-on, I also may have restarted my raging Sims addiction which is utter hell for my poor hard drive...

Screen shot 2013-10-24 at 1.40.21 AM

I created a sim named Ronnie Scott (R) (after the jazz club) and made her a sister named Debbie based on the character from the US version of Shameless. (L)

In any case, this weekend's WWP isn't as free form as the others have been. This weekend your task is to write a description of yourself as if you were a character being first introduced in a book. What details are important and worth mentioning? Is there anything interesting that you choose to withhold? How would you want your readers to perceive you?

I remember doing this a bit ago, but it needs an update. A band called Lemongrass put out a song called 'Girl From Jupiter' which I'd been using as a self-moniker for awhile. (Does anyone else give themselves nicknames? Nope...? Just me.......? Ok then.) So I wrote this small piece about how another person would see a Girl From Jupiter in passing:

She is the person you see on the street and wonder if she'd dressed herself that morning-- a wafting stench of stale deodorant and coffee breath would reach you across the sidewalk. (Something her doublemint gum fails to mask.) She doesn't notice you at first, opting instead to make some inane hand gestures while tapping her feet along with whatever tunes blast through her headphones. (You can hear saxophone, but not much else. You assume someone is singing, but are hard pressed to tell.) The paint chips off her nails, she adjusts her scarf before crossing the street.

How would you want someone to write about you? Perhaps you should try and describe yourself in the style of your favorite author?! (Because Dickens would do it differently than Palahniuk, if you catch my drift.)

Happy writing, and happy weekend~! (And for me, happy simming, I guess?)