Little slice of heaven: Brokencapslock's Photostream

  The first time I ever cried while looking at art, I was 16 at the Portland Art Museum with my friend Cathy. I hadn't come to the realization before this day, that a piece of visual art could be so striking it could reduce someone to tears. Enter, Duane Michaels' hexaptych, Christ in New York. 


The captions are really worth looking up as well. They're quite striking.

Before this particular piece of art came into my life, I thought that photography was a joke, and just for cheaters who couldn't actually produce "art". I was wrong. This piece completely changed my life.

Exposition aside, I had another moment of art-moves-Mac-to-tears the other day, when I stumbled upon the flickr photostream of a chap who really, (and I mean really) loves UrbEx. Their collection of abandondography is beyond stunning, and as I went through page after page of it, I just wept. I was so profoundly moved by each picture, dreaming of the people who used to inhabit the now decrepit spaces, it was completely insane.

Here are a few pictures from the lovely stream of Brokencapslock.

(All photos link back to their original post.)

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Again, each photo is copyright BROKENCAPSLOCK.

Do yourself a favor, and go give them a look!

Happy viewing (or crying, or fascination, or whatever you so desire~~)