Mix Monday: 10/14

This week's Mix Monday is a little boring. Lately I've been so focused on writing this script that I haven't really had the energy to focus on putting my heart and soul into anything else. That isn't to say it's bad, or that the music is crappy; it just isn't really themed. These are just a few tracks I've had on repeat lately. (I wish I could have just put all of Towa Tei's Big Fun album on a playlist because that would more accurately sum up my week.) I debated posting the playlist I made for my dance teacher (which she doesn't know about yet!) but I realized there'd be too many repeats. Hello-- Dinah Washington's Cry Me A River that got remixed for verve-- I've used that like six times this year. Ouch!

Perhaps just a bunch of songs about going crazy? ...no?

Well, here's this week's top 12. Hope you enjoy~~


Click the image to listen.

(For the record, Crazy Penis now just goes by "Crazy P", which is a DAMN SHAME.)

Happy listening~!