Weekend writing prompt: 10/11

Happy national coming out day y'all! Rather than come out as 'officially gay' which seems trite, how about I'm a four and a half on the Kinsey scale? Essentially coming out as mostly gay? I'M MOSTLY GAY EVERYONE! With that said, here's this weekend's prompt~*~*~*~

I found out this morning that I have a shitload of pages due in two weeks. Totally freak-out central, right?

To pay tribute to that, this weekend's prompt is called: EMERGENCY. 


True life: I have seen so much E.R. I could probably give you a decent ballpoint trach. 

Though the connotations of the word "emergency" are sort of vague, (from 100 pages of script due yesterday to severed limbs) here's your assignment: your character(s) / someone else's character(s) that you want to work with are in an emergency situation.

  • What would they consider an emergency?
    • A sick friend?
    • Missing a sale?
    • Getting into a car accident?
  • How would they react to this situation?
    • Responsibly?
    • Anxiously?
    • Nonchalantly?

Think about what you want to use as an emergency, and how your character(s) would react to the situation. If you're having trouble coming up with a proper emergency, or one that you want to write about, try this:

Your character has just been phoned by the hospital to say that someone they care about has been brought to the Emergency Room. Before hearing why or whom, your character hangs up the phone and is on their way. 

While I take the rest of the afternoon to work on my script, give this prompt a go.

Happy writing~!