Little slice of heaven: Daisies.

Otherwise known as Sedmikrásky I'd been hearing about this movie off and on for awhile. I run in some pretty pretentious film-aware circles, and pictures of the two main characters kept showing up, so I finally bit the bullet and watched the movie. GREAT. DECISION.

Describing what this movie is, or what it's about is...kind of futile. What you should know going into it is that it's a Czech film from 1966 about two girls named Marie who go a bit nutballs. It's a colorful, hypnotic daydream~~

I'll let the screencaps speak for themselves:





0c69c9b5727955c76c_trm6bezfa205502Daisies 2





At first glance, it may look like nothing more than a hipster's farce, but I guarantee you Daisies is a fascinating (and fun!) watch.

All of the online uploads are a bit shoddy, unfortunately. (I know someone put it on Vimeo.) I also can't find any retailer that has it for a decent price in region 1 format, otherwise I'd certainly have added a link. Let me know if you've been able to locate a legal copy, (I haven't *mope*) and I'll be happy to link to the place you acquired it from.

Until then...

Happy watching~! (Or at least if you can-- haha!)



This is one of my favorite scenes: