Weekend writing prompt: 10/4

It just occurred to me that the date is 10-4. Commence me running around like an idiot, and saying "10-4!" in my worst walkie-talkie voice. "10-4 over and out!" "Mac, it's 4am. Cut that sh!t out. We're trying to sleep." "Sorry Mom~!" Anyway, here are a few links I found when I was in the bowels of tumblerghia the other day. They each contain another set of links, almost all of which are absurdly helpful to lush-ifying your creative landscape. Check them out!

Ultimate Writing Resource List

List of prompt generators. 

I tried to get the original source for each post, but one person had deleted their blog.

Because they're essentially a big list of prompt generators, I'm going to cop-out and use them as my prompt this week. I had a half formulated plan, but I've been busy working on a contracted writing piece, as well as making Gilda Shirts, nannying full time, prepping for a prose writer's workshop with my boss Lee, and trying to make enough money to support my coffee/art supply addiction. (I just got a water brush the other day! I can't wait to do some gouache work with it~~)

I really enjoy being this busy, it's a nice change from normal life!

Happy writing, and happy weekend~!