Little slice of heaven: Miles Davis Sundays.

First of all, happy Sunday 29th everyone! It's officially fall, which means all of my Bent albums come out of storage. Ariels is a really neat, & really under-appreciated collection of quietude.

Sunday 29th in 2013 is a lovely surprise!
I thought there weren't any until next year ♥ 
With that said, autumn brings with it one of my favorite past times, the Miles Davis Sunday. I refer to the MDS a lot in my life, because I drink them up with such joy~!

I forget exactly how it came about that I was able to define what a Miles Davis Sunday was, but I think it struck me one day when I was listening to Kind of Blue.

Specifically Blue in Green. 
Nothing makes me enjoy the rain more than a little Davis & Trane. This album is perfection.

Miles Davis Sunday is a lazy Sunday afternoon when you don't have anything else to do but sit on your couch/in a coffee shop and listen to rainy jazz. Said effect is that even though things may have come to a standstill with your day's productivity, you can't imagine being anywhere else in the whole world.

The coffee tastes amazing. You sit and aimlessly watch the steam billow from the top of your mug while you doodle circles in your journal. Your face rests in your palm, and your eyes drift out the window, wondering what everyone else is doing, thankful that you're inside and comfortable. Maybe you twirl your hair in your fingers, maybe you keep reading that book you always forget about; and the purposelessness of your day seems to give you breath.

You find yourself not being bad about dwindling away your afternoon, having gotten out of bed a little late and then a small breakfast.

You are taking it slow.

You're spending the rain with your thoughts, and a little bit of Miles.

These afternoons are everything I dream about in the fall.

It's supposed to rain quite a bit tomorrow during the day, and I couldn't be more excited~~

Happy MDS~!


PS One of my two favorite women, (AKA the ladies I consider my own personal Frances and Jet ) would have been 71 today. You are in my thoughts Madeline, as always ♥