Weekend writing prompt: 9/27

Here's the skinny you guys, today I had the day off; and thus, decided to do absolutely nothing. (Besides listen to Dvořák on classical public radio.) I spoiled myself much more than I should have, that's for sure. Though, I can't lie and say laying in bed listening to the radio all afternoon wasn't totally dreamy. (It was! Oh, it was!) Afterwards, I started working on my new journal. (I'm planning on a long post about it either this weekend or later in the week.) I'm not really done with my other journal yet, but I wanted to decorate this one before I started writing in it. I'm really pleased with how it turned out, but now I'm out of packing tape. Oops!

In any case, this week's WWP is all about journalling.

It's called, dear-diary


If you don't keep a journal, this is a perfect time to start one. Why? I guess because I can't think of an imperfect time to start one. If you're not ready to commit to a full journal, that's cool too. Take a page or so, or even write somewhere online. Because this is a prompt, you have a few ways you can do this:

1. Write absolutely everything you can remember about your day, no matter how banal. 

It may seem boring, but it's a great exercise to try and remember everything you did. (Today's for me would be a preeeeeetty short entry... LOL)

2. Pick a character, one of yours or someone else's, and write a diary / journal entry for them. 

This is a helpful way to "get into their head". Because often times, journal entries don't have a lot of dialogue, and people usually are referring to themselves subjectively, and in the first person.

3. Or do whatever the f*ck you want. 

The thing people don't tell you about journalling, (or you don't tell you about journalling) is that there are no goddamn rules. If you feel like drawing smiley-face turds, by all means, go for it! A journal is a space that not only represents your insides, it should also feel comfortable and un-inhibited. (MOST importantly comfortable.) Writing your thoughts down shouldn't make you feel anxious, like you're in competition with someone else. Especially with journalling, you can't compare how you choose to document things to how others choose to document things. This isn't to say that being inspired by others is not OK, but because there's no "right way" to do things, there's also no good or bad way to do things either.

I started making a Mix Monday for next week, but then someone put a mix together that is *too good* not to share.

Happy weekend~!