Weekend writing prompt: 9/20

This week's wwp is called: Robert McGinnis

McGinnis is a prolific mid-century illustrator who's most known for doing James Bond related pieces. The keyword for this weekend, isn't necessarily to choose a piece of artwork of Robert's and write about it; but to find a mid century illustration that speaks to you and write about it.

Here are some other artists to google for inspiration:

Andy Virgil


Coby Whitmore


Bob Peak


Jon Whitcomb


Al Parker


And Robert McGinnis, of course!


Clicking on each of these images links straight to an image search for the artist.

If digging through a particular artist's style isn't your thing, here are a couple pinterest boards with good collections of images:

http://www.pinterest.com/bittaterrific/kitchen-of-the-future/  (I may be bias, because that one's mine...LOL)

http://www.pinterest.com/aitaidas/illustration/ (This one is also great!)

Roger Wilkerson is also the *king* of this stuff on tumblr.

I found these websites when I was searching for which piece to use to represent each artist:

Today's Inspiration &

So Much Pileup

Lastly, if you have a little extra $$ laying around, this book is one of my absolute favorites, and a definite must-have if this sort of art tickles your fancy.


I don't remember it being nearly this expensive, ack! 

I could write a million LSoH posts on this stuff, because the complexity of America in a time where the art depicted is so...simple... it just astounds me.

Find a picture that really grabs you, and write about it!

Happy writing, & happy weekend~!



I found this post on the Writer's Archive, and it looks absurdly helpful. Check it out!