Little slice of heaven: Divaville.

Hey dudettes, it's Wednesday! Guess what that means? (If you were about to say hip-hop/tap 2 hour combo dance class, you'd be...partially right?) Missing my dance class allowed me to listen to my favorite radio show (hello: GRANDMA ALERT) Divaville!

Divaville broadcasts on our local public jazz radio station, KMHD. (Oh man, am I from Portland or what?) The concept behind the show is to feature vocal jazz from the 1920's-1960's and it's bloody delightful. As a matter of fact, listeners of the show love it so much that it broadcasts twice a week! (Once on Wednesday nights from 7-9pm PST, and also Saturdays from 1-3pm PST.)

I never thought I'd be a girl with a favorite radio show, but when I get to hear Blossom Dearie, Carmen McRae, Slim & Slam, Louis Prima, Sammy Davis Jr, and that's not even the tip of the iceberg on the radio-- IT'S HEAVEN!

The DJ also got me hooked on Betty Hutton; which given my dorky obsession with mid century lady jazz singers it's kind of unforgivable that I had no idea who she was before I started listening to the show.


She is a ridiculously perfect snowflake.

The music on Divaville, swear to all the holy deities, is my favorite music in the whole world.

If you need a little vocal jazz pep in your step (or your Wednesday evening, or your weekend) KMHD broadcasts for free over the web. I would HIGHLY recommend giving Divaville a listen.

Happy Wednesday~!



A related story, I've also had Barbara Lahr's album "Six String Call" on repeat the last few days. I'll probably do a LSoH post on it soon, because it's lovely. Until then, you can give it a listen via spotify.