Mix Monday: 9/16

(Sorry this MM is so late today, I went to a concert featuring STORM LARGE & CHINA FORBES like, TOGETHER. Then they brought on some members from the Von Trapp family and sang Lonely Goatherd. R.I.P. me. Blogging from the grave!)

This last week has been an odd weather week for us Portlanders. The sun's been el scorcho and I've literally sweat all the makeup off my face at least once each day. (Hello: I need new Stila Liquid Eyeliner, stat!) When I started thinking about what to make for Mix Monday, I decided to theme it around late summer heat. SUMMER HEAT. Heat so hot I had swamp nuts without even actually possessing a pair of testicles. The boy I nanny for asked me why my face was covered in water.


Tune in for some slow jazz jams, a little bit of chill, and some Chet Baker; because it's finally September~!


 Click the image to listen~!


Life has since cooled down here, thank goodness~~~

Happy listening~!



If you happen to be the "pix r it didn't happen" type, here's a shoddy video of my concert experience: