Little Slice of Heaven: The Witches of Eastwick

And the WWP for 9/13.  Do you guys have things you remember as children that just scared the living bejesus out of you for no good reason? Things that stick in your brain for years?

When I was about four, I happened to catch the last ten or so minutes of 1987's cinematic masterpiece, The Witches of Eastwick(A career highlight for all involved, no doubt.) 

I say that kind of tongue in cheek, because the story is a bit convoluted (three best friends somehow develop telepathy, summon Jack Nicholson to their small New England town to have sex with him, then a lot of people projectile vomit cherry pits, and everyone's hair is...interesting) but the visuals are in-freaking-sane.'s kind of awesome.

I should say, awesome in that it combines a few of my *most* favorite things that occur on screen: best friends doing fun things like satanic witchcraft, unintended homoerotic subtext, someone being in a lot of pain, then nursed back to health by their confidantes...

...and Jack Nicholson.



In all seriousness: this movie really should be at the bottom of my list of things that are really entertaining. Even if it *is* the first real buddy-witches movie, it's progenies are much more successful story-wise. (See: Practical Magic.) 

I wasn't really sure what any of the women were after, or what was standing in their way aside from Jack Nicholson's character being a giant dick. (A crooked one rather, if you believe what Cher says.) Each women's transformation seems a bit forced, (for example, Cher gives Jack an epic "fuck you" speech only to, seconds later...fuck him) and I wasn't really sure what was going on.

Normally, as a screenwriter, this would be a colossal problem for me.


....but everyone's hair looked so goddamned wonderful. 



And then I guess this happened? 

Four year old me understood very little about this movie. Jack Nicholson's character eventually explodes (SPOILERZZZZ) meanwhile the women are just hanging out.


Cher: saving the world one banana at a time! 

Twenty years later, I can appreciate the amount of thought that went into a project like this. Whether the crew intended it to be or not; it's a really darn good example of GREAT camp cinema.

A delightful, (if not slightly gross) romp. I totally recommend it!

This week's WWP is inspired by September.

Everyone on tumblr is getting hung up on fall finally rolling in. (HeLlOoOo PuMpKiN sPiCe LatTtTeEs FiNaLlyYyY~!~!~!)

My favorite thing about autumn is Miles Davis weather. A subject that merits its own post for sure; but for now, we'll leave it as the starting point for this weeks WWP.

Your prompt is:

Rainy Day

Here's how it works:

Your character, or a character from another universe, is stuck inside due to inclement weather. (Though the prompt suggests rain, any circumstance where weather is the cause is suitable.) What will they do to occupy their time? Are they with anyone? Does this particular company merit a conversation the two have been needing to have for a long while? Is the power out? Is something more pressing happening that the rain is making more difficult? Has your character needed a little alone time?

See what you come up with! I'm daydreaming about a few things myself.

Happy watching, and happy writing~!