Freelancin' ain't free.

My brother called me the other day: "Yo, I'm going to see Curren$y next week, and the dude LOVES Carole King." I knew where this conversation was going immediately. He was going to ask me to design something that I could shoot onto a silkscreen.

I have since dealt with her hand being...weird looking.

"I want it to be like, the Tapestry album cover, but have it say 'Vapestry' instead." (Curren$y is also a big fan of the herb, if you catch my drift.)

I started thinking about what this project entailed: the concert is next week, he wants me to design and shoot a screen, AND print a shirt. My head started to spin. Yes, he's my brother, but that's a lot of work! I weaseled some coffee money out of him today, which eased the apprehension a little.

How often, (especially as artists) do we undervalue our abilities and talents?

Even if we're close to the party we're doing work for, why are we afraid to ask for what we're worth? What our efforts are worth?

Have you ever done this? Have you worked through it?

What are some of your strategies for asking what you know you're worth?

I'm going to finish this project up, and definitely put my best effort into it, but I can't afford to keep donating my time, effort, and expertise; as I'm sure you can't as well.

Happy arting, and hopefully earning~! 

Remember, you (& your efforts) are all worth more than you give them credit for ♥


Here's the finished design. I hope the texture isn't as noticeably different when I print it on the screen!