Mix Monday: 9/9

First MM back from my hiatus, woo! This one's inspired by the two lead females of NBC's long-running drama Law & Order: SVU.

Even though the show itself deals with a delicate subject matter, I come back week after week because an episode of Law & Order is like a security blanket. You always know what you're signing up for: attractive members of the NYPD slinging justice in the balls of society's least likable denizens.

I have been keeping up with this show for an embarrassingly long time; and have a *huge* lady boner for both Mariska Hargitay and Stephanie March. (A bit of a worthy tangent: Mariska started an organization called The Joyful Heart Foundation after receiving letters from fans of the show and being moved by their stories. What a cool lady, amirite?)

Their two characters on the show, Detective Olivia Benson and ADA Alex Cabot have the second longest snippet in the "hide your lesbians" section of TV tropes. They're only behind Xena and Gabrielle, which...DUH.

This week's MM is a mix of what I thought each badass babe of the law would have on her iPod. 6 tracks for each purveyor of justice~*~*~*~*~


Alex strikes me as someone who has a lot of 'get pumped' music in her life. (Hence: Smith&J5). Something a little lighter to keep the mood from being terribly somber (France Gall); and I also guessed she'd have a strong penchant for classical music (like Martha Argerich) though I picture her more of a baroque fan to be honest. Trane & Janis are the home alone on a Sunday night songs for reviewing casefiles and drinking wine.

Olivia tries to keep her playlist on the positive side so her job doesn't bog her down. I tried really hard not to just have her six songs be soul queens from the 60's ; )

Kate Bush is for quieting down late at night, Flo is definitely a pump-me-up, Sweet Honey is for a reflective post-work dinner, Nina is DEFINITELY for a pick me up after a bad day, Paul would just make her feel good regardless of life-stress, and Sly is just an "I did all I could do" song for her.

I spent a crazy amount of time thinking about this MM. It's fun to try and get into characters' heads, as opposed to making a mix about them.

I really hope Alex comes back to the show and the two of them run off into the sunset together.

Is that super dopey or what?

Happy listening~!