Weekend Writing Prompt: 9/6

Dictionary-Book This week's WWP is all about semantics.

I know you've come up with universes in your head where your stories take place. Sometimes they're "real world", sometimes they may be in space, perhaps they're neither, or even both.

This week your task is to come up with a personal lexicon for one of your universes. (Or one of your characters.) Your dictionary should include favorite words, and what they mean to your characters, phraseology that might be a bit strange to the outside world; but is very common for the people in your story.

A good example of one that would be an interesting read through would be if Diablo Cody had made one for Juno. What would it look like?

Defining each colloquialism may be a bit redundant. If you feel that way, just making a list of common phraseology that your characters use is still helpful.

Happy writing~!