Let's get started with: oops, I deleted my website!

Hi everyone. I've been on a week or so long unintended hiatus because I'm a f@#$ing idiot. Let's talk about it, shall we?

First and foremost, I'm a complete website n00b-o-saurus. I hadn't been able to figure out anything on my hosting server's user interface, because it was mad confusing. Enter, Blogcademy wonderfulness. I was putzing around the forum, and someone suggested going with Bluehost instead. Seemed legit...

Anyway, insert long diatribe about FTP clients, me being super confused, and my basic coding knowledge being...not enough to save my content.

Such a bummer because I'd finally found a theme I liked, and felt like I was starting to hit a stride. Sucks!

In any case, after re-configuring my name servers, I'm back on the interbuttz~!

As a celebration, here's a full picture of my new background image, which you're free to use as a desktop if you'd like.

It's a picture of the 24 hour Church of Elvis. (R.I.P...)


Anyway, the moral of the story is, if you have a website, you should make it your first priority to figure out how to back up your content. I had a teacher in high school whose mantra was "SAVE EVERY FIVE MINUTES!!!!!1!!1111!!!!!!!1!"

Thanks Ms. Kiesel, I'll try and remember that for next time.

Happy reunion, expect a WWP tomorrow~!