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Spring Forward~

Gracious it's been awhile...I've been quite busy since Halloween. Recently got a job teaching preschool which has been a blast. Much different than nannying, some plusses, some minuses as expected. All of the students in my class are awesome, which is probably the biggest plus of all. 

Portland's had the coldest winter in 23 years. One of my weird body quirks is that it has to drop below 30 before I'm like, "Wow, it's a little chilly out. Perhaps it's time for a jacket?" It snowed, and the snow stayed on the ground for NINE DAYS. After day three it melted a little, then froze over into solid ice so that was gnarly. I managed to trek two miles to Powell's on Burnside for a cup of coffee, and it was totally worth it. Dangerous, but worth it.

I found out that one of my favorite singers was gay as hell, which has been an absolute treat. Lesley Gore is one of my feminist heroines, so learning she was gay just made my heart swell. 

I've been listening to a lot of her, and Dusty Springfield both. They're like my 60's lesbian godmothers. (Though, I believe Dusty was actually bisexual.) 

Fairly certain I lost my voice from scream singing this in my car...Oops!

Winter, on the whole, was fairly uneventful besides the fact that I was working so much. Nannying for two families, then starting up with the preschool. I've been spending so much time around children that I think I've forgotten how to curse! (Totally kidding, I'm wearing socks with middle fingers on them right now.)

Heavens! I forgot the coolest, most important thing I've done in the last few months. My friend Brynne and I went to see Stevie Nicks!!! The Pretenders opened for her which was unreal.

We both got some sweet merch! 

We both got some sweet merch! 

Chrissie Hynde is like, way more of a babe than I'd ever imagined. Someone proposed to her in the audience and her response was, "Will I what? Marry you? Well, I'm fuckin' available, why not."

Stevie is just luminous. I always brag that we have the same birthday, and when I heard her sharing stories on stage, I was immediately like "OH MY GOD, SHE AND I ARE SOUL SISTERS." Girlfriend has the same conversational style that I do, and it's clear her brain is always thinking abut 75 other things at once, and wanting to talk about all of them at the same time. It's inspiring to know that someone who has that same train of thought can be so successful. Thanks, Stevie!

A short phone video of her singing Landslide. Transformative. 

In my image round up for this post, there are some pictures of the snow; (including my roommates snow-phallus, which I LOVE); pictures from the protest immediately after Tr*mp got elected; my sign for the Women's March; nannying shenanigans; poetry shenanigans; a blurry photograph of Stevie and Chrissie singing together; a portrait of me drawn by one of my students; some shelfies; and other miscellaneous bric-a-brac.

Here's something else I've had on repeat for the last week or so. I found out there's a word for all of that strange cotton-candy 60's music I seem to enjoy, and it's called Sunshine Pop! Forgive the comparison, but it's like mid-century vaporwave. Really silly and brainless feel-good jams. This cover of the Free Design's 'Bubbles' by Dressy Bessy is making my heart smile. Something to sing you into spring!


 We made it through another winter everyone, congratulations to us!