Hey, I'm Mac. Here are some things about me worth mentioning: 

  • I'm a Portland native.

  • SVA Graduate (BFA Film/Video: screenwriting emphasis).

  • My favorite camera is my Yashica MAT loaded with Ektar 100.

  • I've been to 90% of the coffee shops in SE Portland.

  • My usual order is a 16oz toddy with cream.

  • I have tattoos on my wrists of Gilda Radner & Madeline Kahn's signatures.

  • I spent half of college working for Sesame Street.

  • I collect weird mugs and Polly Pockets.

  • I'm afraid of Elmer's Glue.

  • I'm a(n) ENTP; true neutral; Gemini w/Aquarius moon and Libra ascendent; and a Ravenclaw.

  • In addition to oversharing on the internet, I also like to tap dance, journal, try and remember to take all my medication, write to all of my penpals, draw lewd things in my sketchbook, and listen to jazz records.